May bank holiday weekend

Hurrah! Saturday at last and enough time to start sorting out photos from my last two trips away - the unexpectedly long trip to Provence (thanks to the Icelandic volcano) and a short trip with 9 friends to the Lake District last weekend.
I was surprised at how poor many of my Provence photos were given how beautiful the place is but a few are worth posting.
The rest of the weekend needs to be spent getting to grips with the garden again now that Spring is finally here and then catching up with work. The grass is getting long, the ground elder is trying to gain a foothold again, and the rest of the weeds are romping away. If the rain holds off I should be able to get a fair bit done.

Over looking the Gorge du Verdon.

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Off work bored today. Developed shingles last week and although itssettling I feel rotten and the tablets are making me sleepy as anything. I keep forgetting what I am doing. Nearly drove my car into the back of someone else on Saturday 'cos I'm too sleepy. Anyway tablets finish on Wednesday so back to normal after that I hope.
I did make some fake tilt and shift photos at the weekend though and I think some of them are pretty good.
Some more are behind the cut and the rest are in my Flickr photostream.

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Tat Bank Branch canal

As part of my ongoing project of visiting the more obscure (and abandoned) parts of the Birmingham Canal Navigations system I visited the Tat Bank Branch this week.
The canal leaves the Titford canal at the Titford Pumphouse and the first part of the canal is used for moorings. The rest of the canal is unnavigable. The first part of the unnavigable section is still in water but has no accessible towpath; the second part is dry and has been sealed off with a dam.   
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